Our Journey ~ How It All Began

 Leanne’s Rusks started in 2001, in a farm kitchen. The aim was to supplement the young family’s income. Friends and family liked Leanne’s rusks so much, that they suggested that she start marketing them. The first four packets were baked and taken to the closest café. They sold quickly and so the relationship started with our oldest client – 18 years ago. Word of mouth did the advertising of the product and before long, various businesses phoned us wanting to stock Leanne’s Rusks.


As the business and demand grew, driers had to be made and bigger ovens acquired. By 2006 we moved into premises big enough to house our brand new industrial oven and drier. 

 In the years that followed we continued to grow. The financial slump of 2008 came and went. Businesses around us closed their doors, but Leanne’s Rusks survived. We expanded carefully and from being a sole proprietor, we registered as a company, Leanne Rusks (Pty) Ltd in 2015. 


By 2016, demand had increased and the business had grown so much, that new premises were once again needed. And so Leanne’s Rusks moved into a brand new, revamped bakery.

Sadly, in July 2017, Izak Pretorius, the managing director, and face that everyone got to know and associate with Leanne’s Rusks, passed away. However, his wife, Leanne, and two sons, Peter and Daniel decided to continue running and growing the company.


From starting out baking only about 30 rusks a day, with one staff member, we have now grown to baking around 7000 rusks each day, with five permanent staff members, as well as casual employees and full time representatives in the Cape Town and the Garden Route areas.